KarMa Reads: Fragile Things

The world is full of fragile things – from our grandmother’s china, old parchment papers filled with the beginnings of the  Galileo’s discoveries, to egos, ears, hearts and dreams. We live such fickle lives in such numbing speed that we forget to stop and look at the finer details in life; we forget to savour the fragile things in life and in the end complain about how short our lives have been. How come she had ninety? How come I only got twenty? But as Death reminds us, we all get what anybody else gets – we get a lifetime.

Comic god Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things is a hodgepodge of lessons in the form of short stories. Each story is curated to twist and turn our hearts and mind and to inspire us to take a pause to gander at little old chinas, little delicate parchments, hearts and dreams in every bit and every size. Fragile Things teaches each reader to be cautious about sleuths and soldiers seeking lodgings and whispers how-to’s when one finds themselves in Grimm positions.

More importantly, this book talks about how to cherish a lifetime. If you’re looking for a great read during these chilly “Ber” months, Gaiman’s Fragile Things is a great book to read (We highly recommend reading “October in the Chair” for maximum holiday feels). If you liked The Sandman and Smoke and Mirrors, we assure you that this book will never fail you =).

And so we end this post with a toast–To the fragile things in life – to laughter, to sorrow, to love, to death (and Death) and to dreams.


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